I was born and raised in the countryside near Torino and I’ve always been in deep contact with nature and animals. I love taking long walks in the mountains, with my dog, feeling the fresh air and all its perfumes. That’s why nature is my main source of inspiration: I love all its little details and I feel deeply connected to it. To me fine art photography is the way to finally give a voice to what was already present in my mind. Every picture is a daydream, a fairytale, an experience. Some of them appear to me during difficult moments, other are simply the reflection of my dreams. I am fascinated by mystery, darkness and deep colors, and I like to use light to reveal the unseen beauty.

My work is a personal research done on my deepest self. Every picture is a journey into the self and every time I feel like I’ve been part of the magic scenario of my creations, I feel like I’ve lived the same experiences my characters are living. This explains also why mine it’s mainly a self-portraiture experience. In my artistic journey I’ve been inspired by many artists, and many of them are painters.

I am deeply in love with the pre-Raphaelites portraits, with all the care and the detail shown in their works, and with the work of Bosch, which I feel like an infinite story to carefully observe and understand.


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