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Book for children near Turin Taking family photographs is one of the things I love most, because it allows me to meet couples with their children and spend some time in nature. Children are always beautiful to photograph because they are never ashamed in front of the lens. So a few days ago I had

Choose wedding photographer. Wedding photographer. 8 tips to find the wedding photographer of your dreams Being a photographer, I am personally involved in the great machine of organizing weddings and I have perhaps a privileged view, because my social networks are always full of photographs that inspire and emotion me. Because of this reason I

Engagement photo shoot in Piedmont, Italy: Ilaria and Claudio Destination wedding photographer Piedmont It was a wonderful afternoon to go to Lake Meugliano, near Ivrea. I had taken a trip to this wonderful place a few weeks earlier to see if it could be a suitable place for photographs… and it was. While I was

On the Turning Away On the Turning Away – Fine Art Why create? Because I’m pushed to do it, because sometimes it’s a reminder that you can’t ignore. Because that morning of March in which I created this image I had my mind in a mess, I was agitated and I absolutely wanted to go

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Today I want to tell you about a photo book I made last April. I know, it’s been a while ‘months, but the time I have to dedicate to the blog is little and I prefer taking pictures rather than write. Maybe with this post I will give you some ideas for the approaching spring

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My Colombre – A work inspired to one of Dino Buzzati’s tales My Colombre – Fine Art Fear is what keeps us behind, fear is what discourages us. We feel the urge to escape from what we fear. But sometimes what we fear is just what we need to be finally happy. And the fear

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