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My Colombre – A work inspired to one of Dino Buzzati’s tales My Colombre – Fine Art Fear is what keeps us behind, fear is what discourages us. We feel the urge to escape from what we fear. But sometimes what we fear is just what we need to be finally happy. And the fear

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My Etsy Shop – MyFineArtDream

My Etsy Shop – MyFineArtDream My Etsy Shop I’ve been dreaming for a long time of creating a small shop representing me 100% and allowing me to share my art with you. Not the simple portraits, which are still part of me, but the most personal part of my entire artistic production, what I call

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Wedding in Italian Villa: Paola and Alessandro Wedding in Italian Villa I’ve been waiting for Paola and Alessandro’s wedding from the day I met them. They told me every single detail, and through their words I imagined all these details taking shape and materializing within the wonderful scenarios they had chosen for their wedding day.

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Destination Wedding on Lake Maggiore: Jacqui e Kasper Wedding on the Lake in Italy I met Jacqui and Kasper just before the start of the New Year, when she found me online and chose me as the photographer for her wedding. I couldn’t be happier, a wonderful couple, young, beautiful and deeply in love, guests

Natural light shooting in a summer day These summer days are so hot and so beautiful at the same time! I love the colors, the smells, everything that surrounds me is so gorgeous and in bloom. I frequently go for bike rides, in late afternoon, when air cools a little bit down, and during my

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Beautiful wedding in Italian Villa: Elena and Giovanni Refined Italian Wedding in Piedmont Elena and Giovanni got married on a warm sunny day at the end of May. It was perhaps the first day a little warmer, after a pretty cool spring. What struck me about this couple was the simplicity they used for telling