I love beauty in every its detail, so I'm a photographer.

I love everything about nature, people, stories that need to be told, spontaneous smiles and deep dark colors. I love getting lost in the smallest details, capturing the most intimate and hidden tales. I love listening to the silence of the mountain and meditating in a quiet place surrounded by grass and flowers and leaves, when the sun is low on the horizon.

And I love reading books sitted in a cozy space, underlining words with a blue pencil. I love music, I can’t live without it. And I love flowers, because their perfume makes me feel alive. I like being precise, and tidy. And maybe that explains why I'm also a chemical engineer, a Ph.D.

My favorite places? Scotland, Ireland and everything located in Northern Europe.
My favorite venues? Everything which is cozy, bohemian and filled with nature.

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